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What is SSR400 Solution?

Dust stabilization solution (SSR400) is obtained from the evaporation of Iranian central desert brine and is rich in calcium and magnesium chloride. Moisture absorption of calcium chloride compounds present in this solution, causes soil stabilization and dust control. This solution can absorb moisture 17 times more than of its weight at relative humidity of 95%. The weight percentage of this solution is 30% in comparison to calcium chloride and 15% versus magnesium chloride, which slightly changes the percentage of its compounds in different seasons. These two compounds, alone and even with other salts, are used to control dust and stabilize soil. The presence of magnesium chloride in SSR400 mulch is a feature of this solution. Its moisture absorption in lower relative humidity and high temperature is more than calcium chloride, which makes it more effective in dry and semiarid climates.

How to use :

For better function, you should moisten the intended level before use. The best season is after spring rains as the intended level has not completely lost its moisture. Spray SSR400 soil stabilization solution on the surface of the road. If the surface is wide and water tanks are not available, this will be done by aircraft sprayer. The amount of consumption is between 1.2 to 1.8 liters per square meter depending on the weather conditions of the area, wind speed, relative humidity and.... It is better to do this in places where it is possible to compact the soil before and after spraying the solution. Compacting the surface makes it more resistant to strong winds and rains. In areas where the relative humidity of the air is below the limit, water spraying is recommended to wet the surface and return the mulch performance to the elemental state. The amount of 0.5 to 0.9 liters of water per square meter is required late in the summer. This mulch will work efficiently to stabilize the sand dunes up to 10 years, but it will need to be re-sprayed 1 or 2 times with 50% diluted solution depending on the environmental conditions.

SSR400 features and benefits :

The oil mulch should be warm during use and loading but SSR400 mineral mulch can be used even in the winter and at low temperatures. In locations where there is no need to use a concentrated solution, according to the type of soil and environmental conditions, SSR400 mulch can be diluted to the required extent. This mulch as a solid does not require any special equipment (tanker) to carry and can be re-dissolved in the intended place according to the provided recipe, also it can be used in places where humidity is high, because absorption of moisture of the air causes its dissolution and its penetration into the soil. Unlike oil piles, this mulch is not harmful in nature for soil, groundwater and living organisms and even enhances soil.