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salt crystal

What is salt crystal?

Salt crystal with a beautiful appearance, various shapes and colors gives a special effect to the environment. In addition, useful energy in salt crystals is beneficial for the treatment of many diseases and relieves pain. This stone has many energies that are effective in the following treatments: the treatment of pain in legs, knees, wrists, hands and back that is accompanied by swelling or bruising. Treatment for lung diseases, asthma and coughing, making plants and rocks healing ones. Relaxation in people and reduces stress, anxiety and anger.

The treatment of pain in legs, knees, wrists, hands and back with swelling or bruising

How to use: Place some salt crystals on plum leaves for ten minutes to absorb positive and healing energy of the leaves and then place the salt crystals on the painful organ for 20 minutes. During this time, you should be under sunlight. Repeat this procedure at noon once a day. Note that salt crystal is very sensitive and very quickly absorbs the negative energy of the surrounding environment. So you should keep them away from negative waves. Salt crystalline absorbs negative waves at a distance of 5 meters, even with obstacles. It's best to always place them under sunlight before and after using to remove negative waves.

Treatment of lung diseases, asthma and coughing

How to use: place some amount of salt crystal for ten minutes under hot sunlight. Also put some sponge under sunlight for five minutes and then place the salt crystal on the sponge and place them in a container in which there are a number of leaves of trees such as figs, apricots, blackberries, berries and grapes for five minutes. Then place the salt crystal on the throat for ten minutes. Now put the salt crystal in the container again and place it for ten minutes under the sun. Then put the salt in a glass of water for three minutes, then remove the salt crystal and drink water. Note that you should not eat anything (even water) for up to two hours after that. Repeat this procedure once a day and never use the other person's own crystal salt. Because the magnetic circuits around the human body are different and some of the negative energy of the patient may be transmitted to another person. Therefore, each person should have his own piece of crystal salt.

Energizing or making plants and rocks healing ones

How to use: If you place a piece of salt crystals for ten minutes under the sun and then put it next to a plant, fruit or a piece of stone for one hour, the positive and useful energies in the crystal will be transferred to it. Note that the putting salt crystals next to fruits such as apple, banana, and watermelon will increase the amount of their wave energy. If you eat some of that fruit, in addition to getting positive energy and energy, by putting a small amount of that fruit on your third eye, you will also feel the energy of it. This energy from salt crystals will only remain in the fruit or body for an hour, and then it will be disappeared.

Relaxation and reduction of stress, anxiety and anger

How to use: Just place a piece of crystal salt for ten minutes on the third eye.


Pregnant women should not touch the crystals at all before the age of three months. The salt crystal should be located only on the soil and away at least 5 meters from other objects and plants.